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5 Facebook Retargeting Campaigns to Test for Your Online Store

February 21, 2022

Retargeting in general is so useful because returning visitors show a greater interest in your product or offer, and they have much higher odds of both clicking and converting after the first visit. Those odds even increase the more often your target customer sees the ad. But there’s much more to retargeting than just showing the same generic ads to all your past site visitors from one single retargeting ad set. Below are some strategies that we cover to get you to try out which one suits the best for your business.

1. The brand awareness campaign

Of course, this is the core of retargeting because your site might get lost and forgotten in the mix of choices of your audiences, especially when they are unfamiliar with your brand. The straightforward way of using retargeting is simply to put your brand in front of people who have visited your site for any reason. Well, this may not result in the highest short-term ROI, but if you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of sales yet, you may utilize this type of campaign just to build your brand.

2. The product/service reminder

Instead of just building your brand, a product/service reminder campaign shows ads that reflect the specific product/service pages (depending on what your company offers) a person visited on your site. Customize these campaigns to exclude people who made a purchase so that you aren’t wasting your advertising budget on people who already converted. An easy way to track various conversions for specific products or content offers is to create separate "thank you" pages for each one. I like to name all of my thank you pages with "thank-you" at the beginning of the URL and then a specific keyword string for the rest of the link. That way, if you want to exclude anyone who has ever converted, you can choose "contains 'thank-you'" instead of having to list them all out.

3. The old audiences strategy

When setting up a Facebook ad retargeting campaign, it might seem intuitive at first to only target people who have visited your website in the last few weeks or months. there are people who considered making a purchase on your website months or even a year ago, then got distracted, forgot about you temporarily, but would still like to make a purchase. Then there are those who purchased before, but for whatever reason, "haven't" come back to buy again. And especially in the case of B2B companies where sales cycles are longer and purchase prices are often higher, sometimes a little branded reminder in the form of thought leadership content will draw them back into your funnel. Whether the overdue visit is a result of long sales cycles or plain forgetfulness, this audience can still be valuable to target.

4. The Evergreen campaign

Some of your retargeting campaigns should be evergreen. That is, they won’t need to change much as long as your products stay the same. For example, if you are a residential painting company in New York, you may successfully run evergreen campaigns targeting people within the greater NY area, running ads like “Top rated painter in NY” or “How much would it cost to paint your house?” that links to pertinent content on your website (see step 5 above). You should consider having an evergreen campaign for each of your products or services, as long as they continue to show ROI.

5. The abandon cart strategy

We all have experienced putting something to our carts and were contemplating whether or not to purchase, and forgot about it later on. As an online seller, of course you want to prevent this from happening, and the most effective way is to create cart abandonment campaigns to constantly remind your customers of their forgotten purchases. You can run this straight, merely telling them to return and checkout, you can encourage your clients by sweetening the deal like offering free shipping or a discount on the sale.



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